AVision is a non-profit organization developed
to examine passenger right concerns

About Us

AVision is founded in the year 2018 to enhance the travelling experience of passengers and have a transparent approach towards passenger rights in India. Our handful of experience in travel segments has motivated us to bring the change and work for the problems faced by passengers one by one. We understand the passenger’s grievances and try to frame a reliable solution using technology-driven methods and spread awareness about air passenger rights.

Aviation being the fastest growing industry in India, we begin with spreading awareness of air passenger rights. India being the third largest air passenger traffic nation in the world and soon to be ranked as the first with increasing airlines and passengers travelling on the plane. There is a critical need for non-profitable organizations to protect the air passenger rights. We explore the potential to make traveling error-free with the help of automation, evolution, technology and enhancement of different regulation.

Our team and large passenger network spreads the awareness of benefit on air passenger rights before boarding, on board and after deboarding. As a result, the feedback helps us to suggest a better regulation for the passengers with minimal inconvenience. We impart the information for all your grievances to have a sustainable air transit experience. Technology is our aid to ensure secure, unbiased and convenient airspace experience.

AVision is an autonomous platform taking into account the different multitudes; passenger rights, accountability of government and community involvement to set up well-analyzed solutions to uplift the quality of travelling experience in India. At AVision we make maximum use of technology to reach a particular innovation in the existing system and encourage you to participate as a member of the network for air passenger.


Akanksha Anshu
Ms Akanksha Anshu is the co-founder and managing director at refundme.in. Keen interest in solving real-life problems drives her to create a team of leaders for her company. She strongly believes once the trouble is recognized, technology can help implement solutions in a much faster way than the traditional approach to bring the solution into action.

R.K Srivastava
Mr Ravindra Srivastava serves as Executive Director of Human Resources at Airport Authority of Ind...

Dr. Dewakar Goels
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