Passenger Obligations

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Regulation Provision

Passengers are advised to adhere to the code of conduct put into place by the Government of India and to refrain from carrying out any action or pursue a course of conduct which is unlawful according to the Aircraft Rules, 1937 or any other regulation issued by the Government which may endanger the safety of the aircraft or any person or which may affect the order and discipline on board the aircraft. The Pilot in command is empowered to take all reasonable measures including the de-boarding of and the physical restraining of a passenger who is disrupting the safety or discipline on board the craft.

Any passenger who is interpreted as being unruly or disruptive by the Pilot in command or his/her representative may have certain actions taken against him that may include imprisonment/fine, or both. 

Behaviours which constitute disruption on board an aircraft include-

Dos and Don'ts

The passenger is advised to:

The passenger is advised not to: