Our Philosophy

To provide a shuttle to the passenger’s inconvenience, we believe in analyzing the experiences and grievances of passengers to formulate a problem statement and work on the solution with the help of passenger regulation experts and technology. Our objective is to have the most effective solution for passengers for a hassle-free traveling experience.

AVision is the medium for passengers to scrutiny the experiences and talk about it on India’s network of frequent travellers sharing their reviews of transportation system in terms of queries, incidents, situations, and grievances. As to begin with, we have selected aviation segment and our continuous effort is to work towards the passenger satisfaction and provide them the benefit and knowledge they deserve.


CAFÉ to passengers

  • CCollect grievances and experiences
  • AAnalyse the data
  • FFormulate the statement
  • EExamine the complication

AVision has the larger picture painted in its mind for the Indian aviation industry. We work for the quality of aviation industry by reinforcing the air passenger rights to improve the traveling experience for the people and bring a positive change in the system in order to drag the country’s flag at the top position on the international front. We take an opportunity to aware passenger about air passengers’ security standards, their comfort, fluctuating airfares and the environmental impact of the aviation industry. Frequently, we submit suggestions to various regulating bodies based on solution pattern drawn from the passenger grievances database.

Our Vision

Our Vision

Technology has encouraged to find the bigger problems at the smallest place and the ability to resolve the problem with well-analysed implementation and accurate results. AVision aims at resolving the minute to huge issues of associates of the aviation industry with technology.

To DRIFT towards better traveling experience

  • DDevoted to passenger well-being
  • RResolving unstained traveling experiences
  • IImparting benefits of passenger rights
  • FFocused on transportation in India
  • TTechnology-driven approach

Our Mision

Passenger rights are unknown to many in India and the initiative is to aware maximum Indians about the rights they possess while traveling within the country. The vision brings in responsibility to impart appropriate passenger rights to educate the entire nation.

To ACE in spreading awareness about passenger rights across India

  • AAddress maximum
  • CCommunicate effectively
  • EEducate about passenger rights
Our Vision